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last day of 2010 !
this is the last day of 2010 .
there are many memories in this year .
sad, happy, mad n other else .
so what im going to do in this last day ?
emm, don't know la .
arh mls la nk speaking . ponek eden .
ape azam taon nie ?

1. Nk dpt 8A dlm PMR ( my mom said, its good to target from now )
2. Nk banggakn ibu n ayh .
3. Nk dpt mrkh, percent, gred n no2 yg bguss.
4. Nk gembirekn sume owg yg ade diskeliling sye .
5. Nk blajar bersunggoh2 smpi dpt jdi doktor pakar yg berjaya n smart .

2lah azam sye utk taon 2011 nnt .
hrp2 sume 2 boleyh sye wat . 
insyaALLAH . AMIN .